About Interiors

Interior environments create impressions and capture the imagination if the design concept has been properly executed. This is where EGI can be beneficial in providing design and fabrication solutions that give dimension to custom design elements in an interior space, while maintaining the appropriate aesthetics.

EGI can fabricate to your specifications and drawings or can handle a project through all phases or any part required, instead of designing a store in a traditional way. EGI can provide the creative expertise for distinctive direction. The design of your store should have a "WOW" atmosphere. So your customer really has a feeling they are participating in something special... That's what we do, create special solutions that keeps your customer coming back time after time. Discover that "WOW" feeling for yourself by involving EGI to create a solution for your store that sets it apart.

Our success has been built on retail architectural interiors from entire stores and business facilities, to custom furniture, mill work, cabinets and kiosks. We are experts in designing store fixtures, layouts and graphics for the retail environment.

Museums are educational in nature and, as such, need to be updated to renew the public interest. EGI can be beneficial in enhancing your image by creating experiences for the visitors that inform, educate and delight.

When Image is Everything!