About Exhibits

Exhibits whether trade show or in a museum can be a potent and extremely effective selling and communication tool. They must be dynamic and make a lasting impression.

Environmental immersion in a display or exhibit plays a significant role in connecting with the audience. They want to feel they are a part of an environment. In Exhibit Design today there is a heightened emphasis on entertainment over the stagnant display of the past. Good Exhibit Design has a variety of levels at which it can be experienced. By working with EGI, the planning and implementation of large custom exhibits or designing a small historical display, we can provide distinctive design. Update or expand your displays and graphics, utilizing our professional single source capabilities enhancing your image. EGI will help you build an ongoing relationship with the visitor and keep them coming back.

In an increasingly self-service retail environment, an exciting kiosk helps the consumer get involved in your product and encourages purchase. Imaginatively kiosks attract attention, particularly with interactive components incorporated in the design. EGI can create kiosks that are dynamic and make a lasting impression.

When Image is Everything!